Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eric posted data-cloning MSSMs

A fair bit of Eric and my work over the past 6-months has involved using multivariate state-space models (MSSMs) to make inferences about population spatial structure. As part of this work, Eric worked on using data-cloning (Lele et al. 2007) for obtaining MLEs from MSSMs. Eric has posted for fitting MSSMs using data-cloning to FishBox.

Data-cloning MSSMs

This is "research" code, but should be useful to others trying to use data-cloning.

Brice has posted Bayesian MAR on FishBox

As part of our multi-pronged work on estimation methods for multivariate state-space models, Brice has posted a Bayesian version for fitting MARs to FishBox. This was motivated by a desire to put informative priors on the interaction matrix.

Bayesian MAR

ESA workshop on multivariate state-space models

On Sunday, Aug 10, Eric, Brice, Yasmin and myself are teaching a 1-day workshop on fitting multivariate state-space models (MSSMs) to data. This workshop uses a R routine that we wrote for fitting MSSM to multivariate time series data. A online version of the workshop will be posted after Sunday.