Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MARSS 1.1 posted to CRAN

An updated version of MARSS which fixes a few bugs and adds some features has been posted to CRAN today: MARSS 1.1 Main issues fixed are:
  • * Allow NA and NaN as miss.value
  • * Fixed bug that prevented Monte Carlo initialization searches
  • * Changed convergence test to use log param vs log iter (a standard test for actual convergence). Before we used new.LL-old.LL <= tol, but that is not a test for convergence actually. Now the fitting takes longer, but stops at convergence (or maxit).
  • * Fixed bug that was preventing certain types of non-design Z matrices
  • * Fixed summary(marssm). The labeling was off.
  • * Added function for likelihood profiling and changing defaults

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