Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 2: Applied Time-Series Analysis for Fisheries and Environmental Data

Class material: webpage

Week 2: Correlation, stationarity & stationary time-series models
The lecture introduces the ACF, PACF, and basic properties of AR, MA and ARMA models. The computer code section shows R code to analyze simulated time-series data so that participants get a feel for ACF and PACF and get a feel for AR and MA processes. The participants then move to analyzing some real time-series data using the 30+ year time-series of Lake Washington plankton.

Lecture 2
This is our first attempt at recording a lecture. Ahem, there is clearly much to be learned to improve the process...Click the big arrow to start the show. You can also find just the ppt of lecture 2 on the class webpage.

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